Bunga rampai

Bunga rampai, meaning "mixed flowers" in Malay, is a beautiful and fragrant element of Singaporean culture. Traditionally, bunga rampai (also called sireh dara) combined various fragrant flowers, leaves like sireh dara (piper betle), and pandan, arranged on a plataran (tray). But these weren't just decorations!

Adding Fragrance and Symbolism to Your Event (bunga rampai untuk apa)
Bunga rampai traditionally added a delightful scent to weddings (bunga rampai wedding) and special occasions, symbolizing harmony and elegance. Let us create custom bunga rampai arrangements to perfectly complement your upcoming event!

Modern Takes on a Beloved Tradition (bunga rampai modern, sireh dara modern)
 We offer a wide variety of flowers to choose from, along with fragrant leaves and even "seribu rasa" (thousand flavors) for a richer fragrance. Our "modern sireh dara" caters to your contemporary preferences, ensuring a unique and unforgettable presentation.

More Than Just Beauty: The Allure of Bunga Rampai

Bunga rampai offers more than just beauty. Some believe specific flowers bring good luck, while the act of creating them (cara buat bunga rampai) can be a calming and meditative experience.

We Create Your Fragrant Masterpiece (bunga rampai ideas)

Looking for inspiration? Whether you prefer classic "bunga telur" (flower bud) arrangements or a modern take, bunga rampai provides endless creative possibilities. Share your vision with us, and our experts will craft a bespoke bunga rampai that reflects your style and purpose. We'll help you explore various options and create a fragrant masterpiece that will be a cherished part of your celebration.

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