Wedding Invitation/ Gift Tray Testimonials
"Thank you Kak Eliza for being so patient while accommodating to our requests, your work has been nothing but astonishing! Will definitely recommend you and Comel Molek to any of our friends are planning to get married 👌🏾 All the best with your upcoming projects :)"
Zahidah & Firdaus – December 8, 2019

"Super happy that we engaged Daintysg for our wedding dulangs! Responsive, easy to work with and best of all, owner is experienced so we did not have to worry about anything! Dulangs were so beautiful and modern, exactly how we wanted it. Thank you Eliza! Definitely recommended. 👍🏼"
Shafirah & Farid – December 14, 2019

"Hi Kak, thank you again for making our dulangs for the wedding! Its exactly how we wanted it, so classyyy🥰  You did a great job🥰🥰🥰. "
Firah & Farid– December 14, 2019

"We came through to you as a recommendation from a very close friend of ours and we will definitely be recommended you to friends of ours. You have been perfect throughout, and always super helpful answering all my silly queries so quickly. It goes without saying, but the artwork has always been so beautiful, and nothing was ever too much trouble to alter or amend."
Liyana & Khairul – January 10, 2020

"Hi Sis Eliza! Thank you so much for your patience and helping us with the cards, they were really fancy and pretty. Can’t help that people said mine is nicer than Amir’s also hahaha. Thanks so much for laminating the signs too, we really appreciate you going beyond your service to make us happy. Amir and I wish you all the best in your business because you have the talent and flair to make all things beautiful. We'd be happy to recommend you to everyone!"
Aishah & Amir – February 23, 2020

"Heh just wanted to say that a lot of my guests were impressed with the cards! Thank you once again :)"
Qistina & Khairul – February 29, 2020

"Thanking you dear for delivering to both places. That’s so nice of you dearrrr! And for the beautiful work! Thank you so much ❤️"
Shahirah & Hazman – April 5, 2020

"Hi Dear, the couple and the whole family love the card. But unfortunately due to the unforseen circumstances of COVID-19, we have to push the nikah date. I am sad that this beautiful card will never be sent out and reach the recipient. But I would like to say thank you to you. This is indeed a very beautiful card. You are easy to liaise with. On top of my frequent delay emails you are still patience. Thank you. I did not regret to engage you."
Yussyahidah (Groom's sister) - June 7, 2020

"Alhamdulillah, have received the cards. They look truly beautiful 😭❤ thank you so much for your hard work and patience!!! Thank you so much once again, will definitely share and recommend you! 💐💝"
Aqilah & Iqmal - June 13, 2020

"We love the cards so much and they turned out even more beautiful than expected. They put a smile on our faces amid these uncertain times :) We greatly appreciate your help and patience with our numerous edits. We would highly recommend your services to all our friends and family."
Syazwan & Ayu - June 20, 2020

"Hi dear. Thank you for everything! Really love your work from the wedding cards to the gubahan. Still can't believe everything has come to an end 🥺 Hahaha! I wish you all the best in your business and everything that you plan for. Yes, may our paths cross again in the future. 🥰"
Shahila & Amirul - August 8, 2020

"Both my husband and me love the card so much. Thank you so much for the effort and time you put in to produce such amazing work ❤️. I will definitely recommend you for my brother in law's upcoming wedding."
Uma & Rajah - August 21, 2020

"Hi, I love how the gubahan looks like it's really simple and beautiful. Appreciate your effort . Thank you so much for your effort and patience although there has been changes in our dates due to covid or delay in replying your text and emails. We also hope that we can print cards soon for our reception as they look pretty.   We are happy to engage with you and will recommend you to our upcoming friend that is gonna get married 🤗."
Khairul & Alifah - August 22, 2020

"I just saw the card. I totally in love with it😍😍..if my friends nk kahwin i will advice them to take you. Tbh your service really tip top. Really appreciate it. Right from the start till the end u provide me the best service ever. Thank you once again❤️."
Fadhilah & Mujahid - October 10, 2020

Women's Sleepwear Testimonials
"My mum was so in love with it..asked me to order for her. it’s very comfy and the prints are nice."
Nisa purchased Ashley **Returned customer bought Ashley and Keira

"Thank you for your service 👍 In love with the pyjamas ❤. So happy that i came across your website. This is my first pyjamas hehe so excited."
Nazima purchased Kiera (3 sets)

"Yup I dah receive. Really love the material of the sleepwear. Thank you so much!😘 "
Nurul Asyiqin purchased Keira & Champagne Plain
**Returned customer bought Tate, Mia & Ashley

"Received the PJs!! Lawa nya! Will order again. Let me know if u have other designs."
Lynn purchased Champagne Plain, Tate & Aria

"Hahahha I can’t remember how many times I’ve purchased stuff from you the past couple of months. Expect more purchases from me okay! Hahah thank you so much and have a great weekend ahead :)"
Sara A purchased Eshal

"I have tried it and it fits perfectly! Hope u will bring in Men’s pyjamas too hehe cuz my husband jealous he said material sedap..🤣 Will definitely be purchasing the pyjamas again 😊. Very prompt service smlm order narie dah dpt ☺️"
Raudhah purchased Keira

"Selamat berbuka! Thank you again for delivering, I’ve received the items in good shape! Tried it. It is in good condition 🥰 I hope your delivery man dapat buka on time 😆"
Khadijah purchased Kaylee, Callie & Ashley

"Alhamdulilah. Loose but ok. Tidor loose loose better"
Nadiah purchased Tate, Keira & Aria

"Really love the texture of the pjs! So comfy wearing it especially during hot weather! Since there's no baju raya this year, i shall wear this on the first day of raya instead! Hahaha. Insya allah will purchase again sis. Thanks!"
Nurfitri purchased Aria

"Love it! Will purchase again. Thank u!"
Izmariana purchased Pink Plain Satin

"Received! Beautifully packaged too. Thanks! 😊"
Noreen purchased Freya, Aria & Ashley

"Salaam :) we love the pyjamas. The material’s nice as well! next time when your new stock comes, will order summore :)"
Hanisah purchased Kaylee, Aria & Freya

"I love the prints and softness. Can’t wait to wear them after baby is out."
Noraias purchased Tate & Keira

Goli's Testimonials
"Sure definitely i will. Thank you so much for the prompt reply and service! 😊"
Linda purchased 3 bottles and returned with another 5 bottles

"Thank u sis..I’ll come back to u to order again after I tried the 5 bottles..😃❤️💖 I let my sis tried and she loves it..😃❤️😍"
Merina puchased 5 bottles and returned with another 10 bottles

Eid Envelope Testimonials

"Thank you for making so simple yet elegant design for the Sampul duit. I’ve been using only your Sampul duit then till now cause that time I buy for a number 😋 That’s why now I buy another 10 pcks 🥰 I now attracted your kind of sampul duit also. So every year I will keep restocking 😍 Restock even tho tak Raya 😅 Once again Thank you tau! I really appreciate it! Please stay safe! And insya’allah I will come back next year to order again tho this year tak pakai sangat but it’s okay 🤣 the more the merrier 😋"

"Received! Alhamdulillah thank you so much, for the extremely prompt responses & even delivery.. From the time I ordered online till sampuls being delivered safely 👍🏻, MasyaaAllah such a pleasant experience. May Allah bless you & family, may your business flourish, Ameen. Thank you ❤️"

"Thank you very much! That was fast! 😱😱 Thanks to abang2 delivery 😂😂 And I just checked the sampul duit.. It looks amazing, more than what I am expecting!! Thanks once again."

"Thank you sis. Cantik sgt. 😍 The paper quality is soooo good as compared to others at same or even more expensive price point! Your customer service is good as well :) thank you! Will def purchase more inshaallah"

"Hi sis Eliza, thank you for sending them promptly! As always, you never disappoint us! Selamat Hari Raya to you and family ☺️"
Amir Aishah

"Thank you for always being so lovely! I’m so grateful that you can do do this order at the last minute! 🥰"

"Even though cannot jalan jalan, lets just be happy to prepare this. just in case Thank you. I look forward to your money envelopes every year without fail 🤗"

"I bought these sampuls from you before and i really loved them. In shaa Allah next year raya i’ll get them again 😉 thanks again Eliza!"
Atiqah J

"Thanks Eliza.. I love the money envelopes that I received yesterday.. maybe this one can courier with my Goli... 😊 And also keep the money envelope 2 sets for me pls.. it’s very nice.. confirm tonite cannot sleep.. 😂😂😂😂"

"You too! I love the sampul duits. Very cute designs .. looking forward to purchase the pyjamas next time round 🤭🤭 im really happy with the sampul duit purchase heehee"

"Hello!!! I received the sampuls today and I love them so much!!! They look so much better in real life! 😍 My grandmum loves them too, they’re very pretty sampuls. Thank you again!!! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️"

"Worth buying... i suka.. u too will definitely purchase from u again next yr.. U too sis.. Stay safe..❤️"

"Loving it, Glad to support.. Have always love your work. Ur works are awesome"
Noorul J

"Cantik2 sey sampul!! Especially the kids one. Semua ah cantik"

Thank you so so much sis!! 💖 Your sampul is prettier in real life!!
Lya F

Thank u for the prompt service, love the sampuls.. selamat hari raya to u n your family 🥰

"Hii 👋🏼 received ur sampuls tdy, so cantik, will definitely get more the next raya, thank you! ☺️😍"

"I just opened them is so pretty thank you! Eid Mubarak to you too✨"

"The sampuls are so pretty! Eid Mubarak to you as well!☺️"

"Everything is good! Love the designs and everything ❤️"

"All so prettyyyy! 😍"
Saihah S

"Yup yes 😍😍😍 thank u so much.. So the pretty"
Saihah S

"All orders are correct dear! So cantik!! Thank you so much!! ❤"

"Received the items! So fast!!!"