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Sutra Multi-Purpose Aromatherapy Spray Champaca (Magnolia). THEORY OF TWO STUDIO is based and shipped from Singapore.


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The relaxing aroma of essential oils from Magnolia, directly extracted from the heart of the plant, ensures a unique sensational atmosphere in your home. Freshen up with a soft, subtle and floral fragrance. 

This multi-surface cleaning spray is perfect for keeping by your kitchen sink, in your bathroom or anywhere in your home that might need a quick cleaning. Simply spray it on to your preferred method of wiping down surfaces to keep dirt and grime at bay.

- On linens, pillows or other household items that we do not wash every single day
- For use on carpet, rugs, and various fabric surfaces including diaper bags, gym bags, sneakers, plush toys, stuffed animals or decorative pillows
- After whipping up a meal, just spray the kitchen countertop. 
- For cleaning up electrical appliances 

How to Use:
Spray lightly into the air and allow the fragrance to permeate the room, l
eaving nothing behind but the pleasant scent of magnolia.
Spray onto surface. Use a soft dry cloth or kitchen paper to wipe clean. 

Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Michelia champaca oil, Citrus tangerine oil, Sandlewood oil.